I have a BA Hons in Music Performance and have been teaching guitar privately and in schools for a number of years.
Lessons can be tailored to the individual, from beginner to advanced.
I specialize in acoustic roots music, Blues, Ragtime and Lap Steel Guitar, but can also help you to prepare for classical and acoustic grades, gain confidence with sight reading, improve fretboard knowledge, develop slide guitar technique, or just learn your favourite pop song.
I also offer Skype lessons for intermediate to advanced players. Rates are as follows:
1 hour session at my home in Kingswood Bristol: £25
Half hour session at my home in Kingswood: £15
Online Lessons
Skype Lessons: £20 per hour to be paid in advance via the following Paypal Link. (Intermediate/advanced students) It is recommended that you have several face to face sessions before using the Skype option. 
For more information get in touch via the email address or telephone number on the contact page.
Kind regards. Leo
'Leo is a great teacher and guitarist. Patient and encouraging, whilst making an effort to tailor lessons to fit your musical taste. He provides material that is manageable whilst also being challenging. What is great is that you are playing songs within the first few lessons. I highly recommend Leo for the beginner guitarist and those more advanced.' Bonnie - Bristol
Leo has been absolutely fantastic with our 6 and 9 year old boys! The younger one had never had a lesson before and was quite shy, but Leo immediately made him feel at ease, and he hasn't looked back since.
They have both progressed immensely since Leo has been their tutor. He is absolutely great with them and they really look forward to their lessons with him. Leo ALWAYS gives great feedback at the end of a lesson, and the boys are left with great stuff to practice for the rest of the week.
I'd highly recommend him. Steve - Bristol
"Leo has been teaching my 10 year old son Danny for a few weeks now and I have been blown away by the progress he has made. Previously, Danny had been having weekly group lessons at school, but he didn't seem to be getting anywhere and his enthusiasm for the guitar was really suffering. Leo has re invigorated Danny's love of the guitar! He now practices all the time and really looks forward to Leo's lessons! Leo has found out what music tastes Danny has and tailored his lessons accordingly so it is interesting and relevant to what he wants to learn. In the few weeks Leo has been teaching Danny he has improved massively, and more importantly he is really enjoying playing the guitar. As they cover so much in the lessons Leo always sends Danny a short video of the songs and techniques they have covered in that lesson. This is really useful for Danny and helps him get the most out of the hour long lessons. Thank you Leo!" - Emma - Bristol

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